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Rishabh International had branched from its roots as a German silver and stainless steel wares manufacturer and now stands as a formidable player in the imports of Non-Ferrous metals. 

Formerly known as Nirmal Ashok & Siddharth International, Rishabh International boasts extensive experience spanning over 70 years. We continue to forge best business practices and sustainable relationships as distributors of non-ferrous metals in India.


Committed to supplying only the highest quality products, Rishabh International has been the distributor an array of non-ferrous metal producers, including Vale International, the world’s largest producer of nickel for the last three decades.


Facilitating the sale of nickel products all over India, we have expanded our trading prowess to cover Nickel, Zinc, Copper, Tin, Cobalt, Cadmium, Molybdenum, and Silicon. 

We distribute the finest nickel products across the Indian subcontinent from nickel refinery operations in prime locations such as Manitoba and Sudbury in Canada as well as Clydach in the UK.


Quality control is maintained every step of the way, right from sourcing first-rate raw materials from dedicated operations, to distributing the premium products. 

Rishabh International has remained a steadfast and dedicated distributor globally for producers of the finest non-ferrous metals.


By adjusting composition, quantity and form, the nickel products are offered in a range of sizes, cuts and formulations.

Suited to specific needs of electroplaters globally, the products are curated in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

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